Running Workshop

Improve your running with this informative workshop.  A day of valuable information, to enhance your running experience whether you are just starting out or regularly hit the tarmac/trails. There will be both theoretical and practical elements.


Some of the topics covered:-


Tips and cues to help you focus on correct form and run more efficiently


Guidance for fueling/refuelling before, during and after your run

Injury Prevention

Exercises to strengthen and restore muscles, including foam rolling, stretching and activation


Injury Rehabilitation

Focus on a couple of common running injuries and how to prevent/treat them.  (This can be adapted to those attending, so if you have a specific injury, please indicate prior to the day)

Warm-up/Cool down

Effective methods to begin and end your run


What is speedwork?  How can I get faster/go longer?  How do I plan for an event?

Cost:  £95  (£10 off for local running club members)



running shoes.jpg
running shoes.jpg
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