Train smarter with a bespoke coaching plan from 5k to 100 miles and beyond.  Developed with you in mind and designed to fit in around your lifestyle.

Injury rehabilitation and strength programmes

to enable you to perform your best ever.

Whether you are new to running or an experienced athlete,

I can help you reach your goals!!

1-1 sessions available for speedwork, technique, strength, massage etc

How it works


Phase 1 - Initial contact either in person, via e-mail, Skype etc to discuss your needs and start formulating a plan of action.  This will include a profile of your lifestyle, any injuries or niggles you can't shift, goals, experience etc.

Phase 2 - Your programme is developed whilst keeping in contact with you to ensure you are completely happy with it.  

Phase 3 - You make a start towards your goal knowing that you will have ongoing support should you choose to.  Using an app, you will have access to your sessions, be able to send messages and give feedback on your workout. This will enable your programme to be regularly updated as necessary.

A range of options available

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